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Backyard & Patio Fireplace Ideas

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Build an affordable, custom outdoor fireplace in a few simple steps with your Campfire In a Can. Watch your backyard patio or deck come alive as you gather with family and friends around the warmth and beauty of a custom fire-pit.

Create Your Own Custom Outdoor Fireplace

Watch our tutorial video and see how easy it is to turn your Campfire In A Can into a beautiful backyard fire pit. Or check out our our easy-to-follow do-it-yourself (DIY) instructions.

Your Campfire In a Can is safe for use on decks and patios, and legal for use where wood fires are banned or restricted.

Backyard Fireplace Projects Our Customers Have Created

Create a unique outdoor fireplace feature that blends in beautifully with your individual lifestyle and design choices. If you are wondering how to get started, feel free to contact us!

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Fire Features Using the Campfire In A Can

Howard G. from Seattle sent us these great shots of them on their deck enjoying their Campfire In A Can that they built into a flower pot, and replaced the log set with a fire glass feature.

campfire in a can, campfire in a can on wood porch, fire with glass, patio design, campfire, portable propane campfire

Gabriella and her husband from Fogville, USA made an awesome fire bowl project using an old Weber bbq and their Campfire In A Can.

campfire in a can, homemade customer campfire project, weber barbecue, patio design
campfire in a can, homemade customer campfire project, weber barbecue, patio design,

Using Fire Glass in your Campfire In A Can

When you would like to have fire glass as your fire accent, instead of the log set, simply remove your log set and chips, and add your fire glass.

Q. My Campfire didn't come with fire glass, can I add fire glass?

Yes.Click here to find out how much and what type works best.

This customer built a backyard volcano using The Amazing Campfire In A Can as the center piece. Because The Campfire In A Can is portable he's also able to take it camping and tailgating when he heads out with family and friends.