Easy DIY Fire Starters

Do you ever struggle to start a fire while camping? If  you do, you might want to check out some of the simple and easy DIY fire starters that are light, easy to make, and pack well into your backpack or camping gear.

Old Wine Corks

This is an easy way to reuse old corks. Simply place several corks in a mason jar and add 90% rubbing alcohol. Allow the corks to sit for at least a week before using.

diy fire starters

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Egg Cartons Filled with Dryer Lint & Wax

If you have an empty egg carton, some wax and some dryer lint, then you’ve got all the ingredients required for this simple fire starter that will burn for a good long while.

Take a paper egg carton and put a big wad of dryer lint into each cup of the carton. Melt the candle wax in a double boiler (you can buy wax or use the stubs of candles that you’ve previously burnt). The easiest way to do this is to put the wax in a clean tin can, and put that can in a saucepan about halfway full of water. When the wax is melted, fill each cup of the carton up to the top with wax, soaking the lint. When the wax cools and solidifies tear or cut the carton apart with some scissors, but keep the wax and lint in the individual paper carton sections. Light the edges of the cup to start the firestarter burning. The paper of the carton helps to get the wax and dryer lint burning.

diy fire starters

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Dryer Lint Filled Toilet Paper Rolls

These are easily made with material you more than likely have at home on any given day. Simply shove the lint into the empty toilet paper roll. These easily ignite making your fire starting efforts worry free.
diy fire starters

When ready to use, light one end of the toilet paper tube and that’s it!


Vaseline Soaked Cotton Balls

This method is very simple and compact for carrying. Simply work the Vaseline into cotton balls and store in a container or plastic bag.
diy fire starters


Corn Chips

Corn chips are surprisingly highly flammable, and you only need a few chips as to get your fire started. Chips like Doritos and Fritos work very well to get the fire started, and will stay ignited for some time (so you don’t need to use very many). Once the fire is going, you’ve still got a most of a bag of chips to snack on.

diy fire starters


What is your favorite fire starter? Do you have one that is foolproof but isn’t on this list? Tell us in the comments below!


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