10 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

There is no way that kids should ever be bored when there is a world full of fun outdoor activities to do – most at little to no cost at all!

Here are 10 fun outdoor activities for kids that are great fun to get them moving!

1.  Take a hike

Well, it doesn’t have to always be a challenging hike – it could just be a simple walk around the block. Walking outside is ideal for fitness, fun, and family bonding.outdoor activities for kids

2.  Play a game in the backyard, or even at the beach

There are plenty of classic games that gets kids up and moving! Enjoy a game of Red Rover, Kickball, Flashlight Tag, Hopscotch.. or choose your favorite from when you were growing up!

outdoor activities for kids

3. Sleep under the stars

There is something pretty great about camping, but we know it can be a little trying sometimes with kids who might have sort attention spans. To keep your family keen and yourself sane, car camping might just be the easiest way to introduce them to the joys of living outdoors.

outdoor activities for kids

4.  Go geocaching

Want to take part in a treasure hunt? Search for a geocache! By using a handheld GPS device, you can find a cache near your current location (find them at geocaching.com). Pick up an item from the cache and leave one of your own. Don’t have a GPS (or don’t want one)? You can try letterboxing, which is similar but doesn’t require the electronics.geocaching with kids

5. Get down to the beach

Head on down to the beach! Chances are good there is a body of water nearby where you can can do all number of fun things! Paddling a boat, wading, swimming, ball games, marco-polo,  build a sandcastle.. you can always find something fun at the beach.
beach with the kids

6.  Get wet

Break out the hose and sprinkler, you could even head to a water park or your local pool. All of these activities are great fun and are excellent for cooling off during the hotter months of the year.

water fun kids

7.  Strap on some skates

Adding wheels or blades to outdoor activities almost always makes them more appealing. A pair of inline skates (plus the proper protective gear), or hockey skates and they’ll be ready to go!

ice skating with kids

8.  Ride a bike

Cycling is a great whole-family activity, and it is a super easy and fun mode of transportation. You can use the streets around your neighborhood, but if you are feeling a little adventurous (and perhaps the kids are a bit more experienced), you can always find great bike trails in and around most cities.outdoor activities for kids riding bikes

9.  Pick up a paddle

Do the kids love getting out on the water? Even very young children can ride in a canoe, kayak, rowboat, or inner tube, or begin to learn to paddle on their own. This is a great activity for the whole family and is great physical activity! outdoor activities for kids kayaking

10.  Plant a garden

Just because you’re outside, doesn’t mean that you have to be playing games. Why not start a garden, or tend to one? Getting down in the dirt and planting seedlings (or seeds), watching them grow, and learning how to care for them can be great ways to spend time.
outdoor activities for kids plant a garden
Got a great outdoor activity that you know kids love? Please give us your suggestions in the comments below!

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