100% In 100 Hours: 2-In-1 Campfire In A Can

We simply cannot believe what happened over the weekend.

We did it!! Yes! Our 2-In-1 Campfire In A Can is 100% funded, and we did it in 100 hours!

2-in-1 campfire in a can

The 2-In-1 Campfire In A Can is going to become a reality!

As of writing this post to update everyone, we’ve got 397 backers (crazy!) and we’re at a phenomenal 116% funded, so thank you. Thank you for supporting this campaign and sharing it with everyone you know!

Now, this doesn’t mean that we’re slowing down at all! We still need you to share this project! We know that the Campfire In A Can is funded, so if you have any friends who were waiting until they were sure they’d get one – now is the time to get them over to our Kickstarter to place their orders.

Let’s keep it up! 

Share this project with your friends and family!

Thank you so much for your support!!

The Campfire In A Can Team



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