New Campfire In A Can Capable of Burning 3 Fuels

Campfire In A Can Launches the World’s First Portable Campfire Capable of Burning Three Separate Fuels

For the first time ever, campers can burn wood, charcoal, or propane in this amazing redesign of the portable campfire.

Kelowna, BC January 6th, 2015

Campfire In A Can, designer and manufacturer of portable campfires loved by outdoor enthusiasts worldwide, announced an innovative new product today. This exciting new design, the first of its kind on the market, gives campers the ability to burn wood, charcoal, or propane in the same unit.

“Our product is like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” said Leo Knight, inventor of Campfire In A Can. “Not only is it more innovative, our new design gives Campfire In A Can a level of versatility other portable campfires just can’t match.”

Although there are a number of other options on the market, Campfire In A Can’s unique ability to burn wood, charcoal, or propane is what sets it apart. “If there’s a fire ban on, other portable wood burning fireplaces just become excess baggage. But if you’ve got Campfire In A Can in that situation, you can pop in the propane kit and be enjoying a roaring fire within minutes.” Knowing that the right look and feel is one of the keys to a truly enjoyable fire, Knight even designed the propane kit to simulate the randomness of a wood fire, complete with a tall, flickering flame.

No matter what fuel you burn, Campfire In A Can has been designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind. Its vertical burner system allows for maximum heat projection when burning wood and leaves nothing but fine ash behind. The canister top and base combination lets you snuff out a wood fire in seconds and, if using the propane kit, you have instant control over the flame. Even the self contained design of Campfire In A Can makes it simple to grab and go with no worries if you’ve left a piece behind.

Knight is crowdfunding Campfire in A Can through a Kickstarter campaign. It will launch on January 6th 2015. “If you love the Great Outdoors, you’re going to love Campfire In A Can. Once you have one, I guarantee it’ll be the first thing you pack whenever you go camping.”

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Based out of Kelowna, BC, and Henderson, NV, Campfire In A Can designs and manufactures portable campfires valued by outdoor enthusiasts for their compact design, versatility, and superior heat and flame. Their latest creation is a world’s first: the only portable campfire capable of burning wood, charcoal, or propane. Each Campfire In A Can is manufactured to the highest standard of craftsmanship and is backed by the company’s 100% Happy Camper Guarantee. For additional information about Campfire In A Can, call 1.888.768.7737 ext. 103 to speak with inventor Leo Knight, email, or visit

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