The New 2-In-1 Campfire In A Can Is Here!

A few moments ago, our completely new Campfire In A Can went live on Kickstarter!

We know that we have no bigger fans of our Campfire In A Can than you, so please head on over to our new campaign as soon as possible to ensure you’re the first to receive Early Bird pricing.

The new video and all the great details can be found by clicking here:

We’re counting on you to help spread the word about our new 2-In-1 Campfire In A Can, so please head over to the campaign, and click the share button of your choice under the main video. Want to share in other ways?

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Remember, Kickstarter projects don’t receive any of the money pledged, unless the funding goal is met. So if Campfire In A Can is going to become a reality, we need your support! If you supported the original Wood Burning Campfire In A Can, please consider supporting us again. You’ll want to get your Campfire In A Can now so you’ll be ready to fire up the good times all summer long!

Thank you so much for your support!!

The Campfire In A Can Team

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