Perfect Gift For The Camper On Your List

We all have that friend or family member who is crazy for camping. If you can’t think of who it is in your circle.. it’s you. Don’t worry, we won’t tell (and frankly, we’re pretty crazy for camping around here too!). We also know that that person is notoriously hard to buy for come time for the Holidays. So what is the perfect gift for the camper on your list?

Now, when you think about camping, what comes to mind before anything else? The campfire. Yes, that is what we thought you’d say. But we’re seeing more and more often, folks are heading out camping, and because of hot, dry conditions, they’re being told they aren’t allowed a campfire. We all know that camping without a campfire is just sitting in the woods. So what now? What are the options?

Usually, during a ban or restriction, the use of propane campfires are allowed. Bans do usually require that you follow 2 or 3 points:

  1. Burns liquid or gaseous fuel designed to provide ambiance and heat.
  2. Must be CSA or ULC approved (appropriate stickers or label must be on unit)
  3. Flame length must not exceed 15 centimeters / 6 inches (flame height restriction is usually only in place during the worst conditions)

Our propane campfire of choice is the Campfire In A Can, and we love it! We use ours nearly year-round while camping, on the deck, on the lawn, the beach, and pretty much everywhere we can think of. Although it comes in a small package, don’t let that fool you. This portable campfire will put out a whopping 64,000 BTU’s and a nice big flame, so you can easily have a group of people around it, and everyone is nice and warm (even on those cooler Fall evenings).

perfect gift for the camper

Now, we know that there are always the die hard wood fire lovers (we like those too, sometimes). But how often have you arrived late to a campsite, only to have to chop wood, then start a fire in near darkness.. or been heading to campsite and a fire ban come into effect before you arrived? With a propane campfire, those problems are a thing of the past. Now, in mere minutes you can be enjoying a warm and cozy campfire.. without all the work (or mess!).

The Campfire In A Can is available for purchase through the Campfire In A Can website, or through Amazon. Bonus: Until Dec 31st 2014, any Campfire purchased through the Campfire In A Can website receives a free cover (value of $22.95). Simply place the cover in your cart and enter code freecover to receive the discount.


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