Family Camping Gift Ideas

With the Holiday season quickly approaching, you are probably on the hunt for that perfect gift. Now, if you’re purchasing gift for an avid camper, you probably know that they can be a little hard to buy for. Worse even, if you’re looking for a gift for the “camping family”.

Camping makes so much sense right now. It’s a great way for families to spend some quality time with each other, as well as a way to give kids what they might be lacking in this non-stop era: unstructured time outside, away from screens, homework, and an plethora of after-school activities.

To help you narrow down the right gift, we’ve put together this great list of family camping gift ideas, perfect for that family who just seems to live in the outdoors!


TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size Sleeping Bag

family camping gift ideas teton sports mammoth sleeping bag

The folks at TETON Sports are well known for creating full-featured, quality gear that doesn’t break the bank, and the Mammoth sleeping bag is no exception. This is the perfect bag for a small family who doesn’t want to have to remember to pack 2 or 3 bags. This over-sized, flannel lined, fluffy, warm bag is large enough for 2 adults (and one or two small children) to sleep comfortably, and comes in a 20F or 0F style. Believe me, this one is is worth every penny (although it really doesn’t cost anymore than other bags). You want to sleep as well as possible while camping, and if you are uncomfortable or cold, you probably won’t enjoy the weekend as well.

I personally have one of these bags (the 20F) and can’t recommend it enough; it is one of our favorite items in our camping gear! ($140-$151 on Amazon)


Marmot Limestone 4 Person Tent

family camping gift ideas marmot limestone 4p

Now, you’re probably thinking.. 4 person tent? Those don’t actually fit 4 people. Well, here is where you’re going to be wrong. This tent really will sleep a family of 4, it’s huge (floor is 100 inches by 86 inches, and 61 inches internal height)! Right out of the bag, you’re ready to camp with a full rainfly, fully taped seams, lightweight DAC DA17 aluminum poles, a heavy duty nylon floor, and handy internal pockets for storage of all the odds and ends you need. All around, a great 3 season tent that is built to last many years! ($350 on Amazon)


GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper Outdoor Cook Set

family camping gift ideas gsi pinnacle

This great set from GSI is perfect for families! Everything nests together.. even the kitchen sink. No, seriously, the storage container that set fits into doubles as the sink. Fry pan, 2 and 3L pots, sink, cups, bowls, plates, strainers, it’s all there. Best of all, at less than 4lbs, it only takes up a tiny 9.1 x 9.1 x 5.8 inches of space.. so packing it in the car or trailer is a breeze. Full set for 4 people. (Tip, buy an extra of the nForm handles.. this set only comes with 1. It will make it much easier.) ($130 on Amazon)


Campfire In A Can Portable Propane Campfire

family camping gift ideas campfire in a can

A fire is a really big part of camping, no matter what age you are. But when fire bans or restrictions are in place.. what options do you have to recreate that experience of sitting around the campfire? Propane campfires are a superb option for many reasons. One, they are usually ban-legal (look for a CSA approved appliance), they turn off and on in a snap (no more waiting to build a fire or wait for one to burn out), and there is no need to shower the kids before bed (no more campfire smell).

This propane campfire, is the Campfire In A Can. While it might be a little more than some others on the market, the reviews speak for themselves. Literally the hottest one on the market (at 64,000 BTU‘s), it is made with high quality materials, many industry-leading features, has no-hassle warranty service (100% happy camper guarantee), and is made by a small family-run company. ($249.99 on Amazon)


 Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler

family camping gift ideas coleman cooler

The whole point of camping is to get away from it all.. not to have to go into town (or over to the gas station) each day to get more ice. With this 62 qt cooler from Coleman, these trips will become a thing of the past! It will store ice fordays … even when the exterior temperatures reach 90F, so those weekends away will be spent enjoying time with the family, and not heading out to get more ice. Large, 62 qt interior will hold 85 beverage cans with ice, and top cover has 4 convenient stay-put beverage holders. Nice, easy grasp handle and all terrain wheels make towing it from car to campsite a snap. ($48 on Amazon)


Adventure Medical Kits

family camping gift ideas first aid kit

A First-Aid kit is a must, no matter who you are.. but it is that much more important if travelling or camping with kids. This “Weekender” Kit from Adventure Medical is filled with everything you need to clean out and bandage small and large wounds, deal with burns or blisters, stop allergic reactions, and whatever else you might encounter while camping or hiking. There are many kits available, but this one is a great fit for the car camping or RV kit. ($20 and up on Amazon. Kit mentioned above, $49)


Ciao! Baby Portable Travel High Chair

family camping gift ideas ciao baby high chair

Know some avid campers with a little one (or one on the way)? This is going to be the one that they’ll be looking for! The portable high chair from Ciao! is light and sturdy, but still packs up into a convenient carry bag for putting in the car. For babies 3 months to 3 years, this portable high chair is a MUST for those who love to camp, but have a young family member that isn’t quite ready to leave the high chair. ($58 on Amazon)


Uncle Milton Nat Geo Starry Night Lantern

family camping gift ideas nat geo starry night lantern

A new spin on a classic explorer’s lantern, the Starry Night Lantern is great for nighttime expeditions and camping. When on a camping trip with your family it’s important to have a bright light source close at hand. The Starry Night Lantern can illuminate a wide area around you anywhere you go, but it also has a special ability! It can project a glowing field of stars on the inside your tent or on the ceiling of a room. Explorer Activity Guide included. ($13 on Amazon)


GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set (24-Piece)

family camping gift ideas gsi destination

This jam-packed camp kitchen set is designed so that you have everything all in one convenient kit. From food prep to consumption, it seems they’ve left nothing out. Includes 4 pivoting tools (whisk, grater, spatula, and serving spoon), knife, cutting board, dish towel, dish scrubber, 4 piece cutlery set, shaker for spices, and squeeze bottles for condiments. All you need to prep and eat a yummy camp meal, and they’ve managed to get it all into a small zip up case that weighs less than 2 pounds. ($42 on Amazon)


Camp Out!: The Ultimate Kids’ Guide

family camping gift ideas camp out

From bear bags, wilderness showers, and telling the temperature by counting the cricket chirps… Whether you’re planning an over night in the backyard or a weekend in the wilderness, this book is packed with stuff to know. The basics, from gearing up to choosing a site to building a tarp tent. Tasty outdoor recipes: Solar Oven Pizza, Chow Down Chili and s’ more’s of course—with 8 variations. Plus: how to keep a Field Journal, exploring the nighttime sky, creepy campfire stories, and when it’s time to go home, leaving no trace. It’s everything you need to pick up and head for the hills. For ages 7 and up. ($11 on Amazon)

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