Wood Burning Campfire In A Can – Relaunch Date & Details

Yes, we admit, we’ve been a little quiet lately about our upcoming Kickstarter. Well, we’ve been hard at work with the new Kickstarter campaign for the Wood Burning Campfire In A Can! We are on track to relaunch – January 2015. With successful funding, the Campfires will ship and be delivered at the start of camping season .. which is obviously ideal for us campers!

We’ve mentioned that we wanted and needed to hit the drawing board to make some changes to the product itself, and we’ve decided to introduce a completely new, and original idea!

The new Campfire In A Can is going to feature an optional propane insert!

Ok, that’s all fine and dandy, but what does that actually mean for you? Well, it means that you’ll still get the huge wood fire that you fell in love with during our first campaign, but now you’ll be able to turn your wood Campfire In A Can into one that burns propane in about 1 minute (while cool of course)!

Wood Burning Campfire In A Can

We understand – you love your wood fire, and you’re not ready quite yet, or not wanting to make the switch to propane for all of your campfires. Our new solution means that you can still have a big, warm fire, even if you are put in a situation where using wood isn’t an option – or isn’t the right option. Situations such as:

  • You’re stopped for only one or two nights in an area where you can’t have a wood fire because of the dry conditions. Propane is a great option here!
  • Many areas have restrictions on transporting wood.. If you’re stopping in one of these areas, you can purchase wood then and there, or you can use the propane you have with you.
  • If you have someone around the campfire who is sensitive to wood smoke, and might otherwise not be able to enjoy the fire, propane is a much cleaner option and makes the campfire fun for everyone.

3 in 1 campfire in a can does it all

This new Campfire In A Can means you can use propane when you need or want to .. but you still can have that wood fire! No more deciding between one or the other.. with this Campfire In A Can, you can have the best of both worlds, and it all still fits in the Can!

We decided to set a lower funding goal (so we meet our funding goal faster!). To do that, we needed to scrap the “Just the Basics” and the “Burner + Cooking Kit” models that we featured in the first campaign. There was such overwhelming support for the “Deluxe” model (the one with the canister top and stand) that this is where we’ve decided to put our time and energy. The “Deluxe” model accounted for nearly 90% of money raised during the first campaign, so it was pretty easy to gauge which model folks were excited about.

We also recently shot our new Kickstarter video, and although it isn’t polished and ready to go just yet (you’ll have to wait for the launch to check it out), we still wanted to share with you this “behind the scenes” shot!

behind the scenes campfire in a can video

We’re so excited to finally let the secret out – it was getting hard to keep!

We hope that you’re just as excited for the new Campfire In A Can as we are, we would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Please leave any comments, feedback, or questions below and we will be happy to get you some answers! (And no, we’re not sure about pricing just yet, in case you’re wondering!)


The Campfire In A Can Team


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