Product Review: TETON Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag

At the start of the 2014 camping season, we decided to upgrade a lot of our gear. One of the big changes that we made to our gear load was a double wide sleeping bag. The bag we chose is the TETON Sports +20°F Mammoth Sleeping Bag.

Let me start off by saying first and foremost, at a 15 lb pack weight, this is not a bag for you ultralighters. This is absolutely for car campers.. and even still, be warned that this bag takes up a big chunk of space in the car. Pack size when delivered is 27″ x 14″ x 14″, but after using it a half dozen times, we’re able to only pack it down to about 30″ x 16″ x 16″. Not a huge change, but if space is an issue, it is something to think about. Either way, this bag will hold 2 adults and a small child or two (we have only tried with 2 adults), so if you consider how much room 2, 3 or 4 separate bags might take up, the pack size might be worth it.

Mammoth Sleeping Bag

I initially did think that a queen sized/double wide sleeping bag was a little out there, but after doing a little research, chatting with a few folks on Twitter who own them, speaking with the folks at TETON Sports directly, and narrowing down what we really wanted in a new bag, we decided to try it out. Plus, at about $130, we couldn’t really go wrong.

Our first impression after receiving the bag was great! We got it out of the stuff sack and unfolded it on our bed at home (to air it out), and realized that it completely covered our queen sized bed. I knew that the bag was going to be large enough for the two of us.. but seeing it in front of us meant that we knew for sure that no matter how our sleeping bag buddy was moving, we weren’t going to get crowded.

After airing out the bag for a day or so, we then ran into (probably) our only negative about the bag (and I say negative, because it’s more of an annoyance than anything)… getting it back in the stuff sack. For about 10-15 minutes we wrestled, rolled, sat on, folded, and cursed at the bag to try to get it back in the sack. Finally, my husband had an idea that we should search online to see if anyone else had this issue. Of course, this is where we found the answer. You actually stuff the bag in the stuff sack. No folding or rolling, just stuff that sucker in. It only takes about 2-3 minutes to get it back in the bag when you know how to do it.. but it is a 2 person task (one to hold the bag, one to shove).

TETON Sports actually put out an FAQ on getting it back in the bag here – just look for question #16.

Mammoth Sleeping Bag

Fast forward to our first trip out with the bag. We went out to the Shuswap area of British Columbia in late May, approximately 60F during the day, dropping to around 30F at night with high winds off the water. We did keep the rainfly on the tent to keep the wind out (we have a fully vented tent with lots of mesh), but our new sleeping bag kept us toasty warm. With only “normal” PJ’s on, we both had to zip down the sides a little as it was a little warm at first (but cooled throughout the night). The full length zippers (all 3 sides) are really easy to pull (nice, large pulls) and don’t snag on the material.. perfect for those middle of the night, in the dark adjustments.

Pillows fit really nicely in the mummy hood (which you can tighten up), and the bag itself is a poly flannel inside that is very soft against bare skin (the Fahrenheit series of the Mammoth bag uses a cotton flannel instead of a poly, which I’m sure is even softer.. but I have no complaint about the poly). We’ve only camped once or twice while we found it to get cold, and the cinchable inner shoulder baffle really made a difference in keeping drafts out and heat in. Most of the time we didn’t really even need it as the bag itself did a great job keeping us cozy. So far, we’ve slept in the bag about 12 nights, and we’ve yet to find a cold spot – although at 63″ tall, I don’t take up the total 94″ in length this bag has to offer.

The fill on the bag is great – they use SuperLoft Elite™ 4-Channel Hollow Fiber for the fill, and it gives this bag a lovely, soft and fluffy feel. Paired with our Thermarest LuxuryMap camp pads, I sleep as good, if not better in this bag than I do in my bed at home.

So to summarize:

What we love about this bag:

  • Really substantial bag, and heavy duty warmth. If spring, summer, or early fall camping, basic PJ’s are pretty much all you need for bed.
  • It’s huge; easily as big as our queen sized bed at home. For 2 people, it’s big enough that your partner can be tossing and turning and won’t disturb you.
  • Easy to find (in the dark) and pull zippers that are all separate. You can get out without bugging your sleeping partner and the bag can be separated into 2 quilts if you like
  • Inner baffles make sure heat stays in and drafts stay out
  • Soft and fluffy feel against your skin – No scratchy or itchy materials here, the bag feels really nice against exposed skin and the loft adds a great cushiony feeling.

What we don’t love about this bag:

  • Handwash only. It is what it is (don’t want to void warranties here), and since we tent camp we haven’t had to wash the bag just yet. But it’s really big & heavy. Hand washing it and finding a spot to let it dry afterwards is going to be a chore. There is an optional liner for this bag (so you just wash that), so if you’re a heavy camper, this might be an accessory to pick up.
  • Stuff sack is a little on the small side. This is a big bag, there is no denying that. Now, I’m not limited on the space I have, so having a larger stuff sack (to make packing up after camp a little easier) would probably make my life a little easier. That being said, it isn’t a deal breaker. We’ve gotten it in the sack after every trip, but it does require 2 people to do.

We love our Mammoth Bag from TETON Sports and are so glad that we chose this bag over some others out there. The great design, sturdy construction, and very reasonable price point made this one a no brainer!

Have you tried this bag? What did you think? Any questions? Let us know in the comments below!

Want to check out the Mammoth Bags from TETON Sports? Click Here.

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We were not provided any gear for this review, and as always, the opinions expressed here are completely and honestly our own.  


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