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wood campfire in a can kickstarter

Let us just start by saying THANK YOU to all of our backers who supported our first Wood Campfire In A Can Kickstarter campaign!

It’s was a nail biter of a campaign to watch, but our Wood Burning Campfire In A Can did not meet our funding goal of $80,000.

While we were wrapping up our Kickstarter campaign (and in the weeks to follow), we had many folks leave comments, send us emails and even a few phone calls telling us how they were pretty disappointed that the campaign was unsuccessful (we were pretty upset too).

Still, many of you had some great thoughts on how we might be able to improve both the campaign itself, and the product. So that is exactly what we’ve been up to!

We’re planning on relaunching in early 2015, which means we’re aiming to have backers receive their Campfire In A Can around the time that camping season gets underway. Timing of the campaign was something that was brought up by backers quite a few times – we agree that poor timing of our original campaign really held the funding back.

We’ve also been making some major changes to the product itself! Don’t worry, the essence of the wood burning Campfire In A Can is still going to be there.. but we’re going to be introducing something that you’ve never even dreamed of!

Stay tuned!

The Campfire In A Can Team



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