Campfire In A Can Log Set FAQs

Funny enough, we get lots of questions about the Log Set that comes with the Campfire In A Can! It seems that the same few questions keep popping up, so we’ve listed some of the most common Campfire In A Can Log Set questions that we’ve received.

Campfire In A Can Log Set FAQ’s

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What are the logs made of?

The Log Set  for the Campfire In A Can is made of high temperature ceramic fiber. That way, the logs are light weight and will cool down quickly.


How do I keep them clean?

After every few fires, you might notice a bit of carbon start to build up on the logs. This carbon is normal, and is easily brushed off the logs with a soft bristle brush (like a natural bristle paint brush). The log set should never be washed with water, or in water, as this will cause the log set to disintegrate.

1. Remove the COOLED log set from the campfire using gloves (otherwise you will get your hands dirty). Go to an area away from foot traffic to clean the log set.
2. Hold the log set with one hand, and gently brush the soot off the top and bottom of the log set.

campfire in a can log set cleaning

That’s it! Just place the cleaned log back in the campfire base for next time, or place them back in the provided styrofoam mold.


How I protect them in transit?

When you opened up your Campfire In A Can, the log set was inside a styrofoam mold. Here’s why we suggested keeping that styrofoam. The logs fit snuggly inside this sytrofoam protector, and it is perfectly sized to fit inside the closed canister top during transit. It will keep your log set looking great, all the way to your destination.

campfire in a can log set

Can I use real wood instead of the logs?

No, you don’t want to do that.


Uh-oh, I broke my logs. Can I get another set?

First step to getting you back to being a happy camper is to give us a call at 1-888-768-7737. We’ll want to chat about your logs, how they got broken, and how we can best help you out. Keep in mind that even a broken, or cracked, log set is still safe to use, as the ceramic won’t expand or change. Don’t put off having a campfire because of a cracked log set!


What are the ember chips made of?

The same ceramic fiber used in the log set (and the insulation) is used for the ember chips.


Do I have to use them?

Nope. Those ember chips as purely aesthetic. Use ’em, or don’t, it’s up to you. We like the fuller look they give underneath the log logs, but it is completely up to you if you wish to use them.


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