12 Budget Friendly Backyard DIY Projects

We’re all trying to make our outdoor space fabulous, but lots of backyard upgrades come with hefty price tag.

Making your backyard great shouldn’t break the bank, so we’ve found 12 tips, tricks, hacks, shortcuts, and super easy backyard DIY projects that are sure to make your backyard more enjoyable, all while leaving a little extra in your pocket.


1. Glow In The Dark Ring Toss

When the sun goes down, this “bright” idea is going to be a hit for all ages! Tape together 2 of the glow bracelets and get the party started with this simple and easy DIY! Tip: Find the glow sticks at the dollar store to keep the cost as low as possible.

glow in the dark ring toss

(credit Momma Did It)

2. Create a Solar Outdoor Chandelier

Want to try this one? To stay on budget, try garage sales or clearance sales (even scratch and dent sales!) to find a suitable lighting fixture for this. The solar lights can be found at most hardware stores, but to shopping sales, or warehouse stores will score you the best price on these!

solar outdoor lighting chandelier

(credit and how to: Garden of Leah)

3. Add “windows” to your fence to make your backyard appear larger!

This can be done without damaging the fence – just install mirrors inside the frames.

fence windows

(credit and how to: Brambleberry Cottage)

4. Create some beautiful outdoor seating in a snap with cinderblocks and some 4×4’s.

By adding some funky cushions, painting the cinderblocks and staining the wood, you can have a bench that everyone will love!

outdoor seating, cinder block seating

(credit and how to: Simple Living by Lena Sekine)

5. Turn a terracotta planter into a unique table in just a few steps!

This DIY is easy, and can be painted to match your personal style and decor. As a bonus, the inside will double as a storage space. Just make sure the pot is tall enough to sit at a comfortable height to be used as a table!

terra cotta pot table

(credit and how to: Dukes & Duchesses)

6. Movie screen!

Yes, you heard that one right! You can turn your backyard into the neighborhood hang out spot with this one.

outdoor movie screen, backyard movie screen, DIY movie screen

(credit and how to: Givers Log & Running With Scissors)

7. Glow In The Dark Planters

Turn already existing planters (or get some new ones) into exterior lighting with glow-in-the-dark paint (like Rustoleum)

glow in the dark planters

(credit Campfire In A Can)

8. A Place To Wash Up

A handwashing station is a must if you’ve got kids or are having a BBQ.. this one is going to save everyone from having to constantly head in the house to wash up!

DIY handwash station, backyard wash up station

(credit Princess Pinky Girl)

9. DIY Obstacle Course

A backyard obstacle course is a sure win if you’ve got little ones you need to tire out. Old tires, hay bales, even rope strung up between some trees can create a super enjoyable obstacle course for cheap!

diy obstacle course

(credit Under the Sycamore)

10. Paint a few stones

Want to express your style a little more? Painting some stones in the the garden is a great way to bring a pop of color to these areas! You can even get the kids involved with this one.

painted stones, painted garden rocks

(credit and how to: She Moves The Furniture)

11. Decorate those stumps!

You could turn an old ugly stump into a beautiful flower bed, cover it with moss, or turn it into a table base – super easy!

old stump turned into flower bed

(credit and how to: Interior Holic)

12. Turn a broken rake into a beautiful garden tool hanger.

Instead of throwing out that broken rake, save the metal rake head and re-purpose it to be useful all over again!

broken rake turned into tool hanger

(credit Stuff About Artstuff and Stuff)


Got a great, money saving DIY that you’ve done? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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