Compare Campfires: Campfire In A Can vs. Heininger – Outland Campfire

Are you in the market for your very first propane Campfire? Perhaps you are wanting to upgrade from a model you’ve had for a few years and are wanting to make a more informed decision this time around. Take the time to compare campfires before making any decisions!

It does pay to do your research before making your final decision as your new propane campfire will be an investment in your outdoor fun. The right fire will be able to be used in all sorts of conditions, and provide the warmth the whole family needs! So over the next while, we’re going to be comparing many of the top sellers available today.

This week, we’re comparing the Heininger – Outland Campfire to the Campfire In A Can.

We’ve got a side by side quick chart at the top, but if you want a bit more in depth information, please scroll below the chart to see all the details.

Lets get started!

Campfire In A Can

Heininger – Outland Campfire

campfire in a can
Certified to
CSA Standards
Yes Yes
Max BTUs 64,000 58,000
Natural Gas Conversion Orifice Yes No
Flame Profile Robust Moderate
Heat Output High Medium
Safe to burn directly
on wood deck,
grass, patio mat
Yes No
Cooking Rack Yes No
Weight 16 lbs 15 lbs
Fire Accent Feature 1 pc ceramic log set, ember chips & Black Fire Glass; Lava Rock
Fire Glass Included Yes No
Direct Access to Inventor Yes No
Insulation Materials Ceramic fiber pad & ceramic fiber ember chips None
Hose Storage Inside Lid Loosely wrapped around campfire
Hose Length 10 feet 6 feet
Multifunction Lid Yes. Recess dimples allow it to serve as secure stand No
Threaded Fittings Yes No
Owners Manual Yes – English and French Yes
Price Range $299.99 $104.95 – 162.95


Campfire In A Can

Heininger – Outland Campfire


CSA Safety Standards Certification


CSA Ratings: BTU and Clearance to Combustibles

campfire in a can

CSA Rating: 64,000 BTU.
Clearance to Combustibles 
Bottom: Zero clearance to combustibles.
All sides: 18″
Above: 78″ to combustibles.

CSA Rating: 58,000 BTU.
Clearance to Combustibles 
Bottom: non-combustible surface only.
All sides: 24″
Above: 60″ to combustibles.

Heat Output/Flame Profile

Weight, Size and Storage Considerations

Weight: 16.5 lbs.
Diameter: 15 in.
Height: 10 1/2 in.

Level of Difficulty for Carrying and Storage

Easy to carry; one handle on top, carrying arm stays close to your body making it easy to maintain your balance; hose stores inside canister top; handle folds flat into a recess; compact, easy to store.



Weight: 15 lbs.
Diameter: 18 1/2 in.
Height: 10 1/2 in. 

Level of Difficulty for Carrying and Storage

Difficult to pick up and carry; no handles, must bend over to pick up using both hands, with both arms extended out in front of you combined with the weight makes it difficult to maintain your balance; hose hangs outside; the control valve permanently protrudes from campfire; it has no cover, making it bulky and difficult to store.

Propane Hose

campfire in a canLength: 10 ft.
Type: Soft Rubber
Storage: Hose stores inside campfire, wrapped around burner pedestal protected by canister top.
Length: 6 ft.
Type: Soft Rubber
Storage: Hose stores outside campfire. Tends to uncoil when being carried or when being stored.

Fire Accent Feature

campfire in a can fire glass and logsIncluded: Large realistic one-piece lightweight high temperature ceramic fiber log set and ember chips. NEW, Also includes Black Beaded Fire Glass with storage pouch.
Other options: Lava Rock

Included: Lava Rock
Other options:
None recommended by manufacturer.


Burner Size

campfire in a can burner

Total Burner Surface in inches: 50 in.
Burner Detail:
Burner radius: 35 in.
Plus three center spokes: 5 in. long each
Total burner length: 50 in.
Burner Diameter: 11 1/2 in.
Burner ring and three center spokes are perforated.

Total Burner Surface in inches: 32 in.
Burner Detail: 
Total burner length: 32 in.
8 x 8 in. square burner
Burner ring perforated.



Insulation Material

campfire in a can insulation

High temperature custom made ceramic fiber pad under the burner ring fully covering the burner base; high temperature custom made ceramic fiber ember chips evenly spread on ceramic fiber pad.Note: Pedestal design and a heat shield under the burner base further dissipates heat.

No insulation.





Flame Adjustment

campfire in a can

Fire Adjustment Valve: Yes
Location: Attached to propane regulator, at the end of 10ft hose.

Fire Adjustment Valve: Yes
Location: Attached to bottom edge of campfire.

Multi-Use Cover

campfire in a can on lidMultiple Use Cover: Yes
Canister top doubles as a stand, carry handle folds flat into a recess, safety dimples allow campfire to sit securely on canister top.

Multiple Use Cover: No



Want to learn about other available models? We welcome you to check out Campfire Compare and get all the information you need!

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