Tips on Making Camping Meals Less Stressful

Wondering how to make your camping meals less stressful, but still just as tasty?

No matter if you and the family are the type to stick to campfire classics such as hot dogs, and s’mores, or more of the gourmet type of campers, there are some basic tips that will make planning, preparing and cooking those camp meals as easy as easy as possible.


Start At Home

  • Cooking and then freezing some of your favorite single pot dishes at home is a great way to have pre-made meals when away from the other comforts of home. Make sure to freeze meals until solid and pack them in the cooler. Defrost at the campsite, heat thoroughly and eat up! Chilli
  • Make hamburger patties, marinate your meats and other proteins and freeze them all. These frozen packs will cut down on the amount of ice you need to bring with!
  • Assemble kabobs and place in a storage container with a marinade. By the time you cook them over the fire, the flavor will be perfect!

camping food prep

Invest In A Good Quality Camping Cooler

Don’t waste all that prep work you did at home.. make sure your food stays cold/frozen and won’t spoil during your time away. Spoiled food will be a waste of of money, and will simply make you sick!


Simple is Best

Some of the best meals require little to no effort, and after a long day hiking or swimming, you might not have the energy to prepare a big meal. Here are some time savers!

  • PB & J sandwiches (or presliced meats and cheeses)
  • Instant Oatmeal
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Fruit and Raw Veggies
  • Pre-packaged freeze-dried/dehydrated foods
  • Walking Tacos
  • Liquid eggs (in the carton) can be a great way addition to breakfast, without worrying about broken eggs!


Don’t Forget the Foil

You can cook nearly anything over a campfire on a simple, inexpensive camping grill. Covering the grill with foil will help keep the food from charring and burning before the inside is cooked. Foods such as burgers, sausages, bacon, meat, etc, can all be set directly on top of the foil.

You can also use aluminum foil to make little pouches for your food, often referred to as “Hobo Pack” or “Foil Packet” recipes. This style of cooking is great for things that might otherwise cook unevenly, burn quickly, or end up dry and bland.. like fresh fish, vegetables, or chicken.

foil cheesy potatoes

Check out some of our Foil Wrapped Favorites!


How do you keep the stress away when cooking at the campsite? Share your tips below!

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