Fire Accent Features

When looking to purchase a new portable campfire or fire pit, you will want to consider the fire accent features that are included.

Additionally, you may want to consider the compatibility of your new fire pit with the type of accent you wish to have.

The most popular fire accent features are log sets, fire glass, vermiculite and lava rock. However, fire glass is becoming an increasing choice, especially for backyard applications.

Below, we’re going to discuss some of the types of accent features that are commonly found in portable campfire/fire pit models available today, to help you decide the right fire accent feature for your new backyard fire pit.


Log Sets

These come in two styles and types, one-piece and multiple-piece log sets. High temperature ceramic and high temperature concrete.

  • One-piece log sets are less likely to break while being transported, and no rearranging of logs is necessary before starting a fire. They are designed to spread the fire out creating a more natural looking “campfire”.campfire in a can fire accent feature
  • Multiple-piece log sets are prone to breaking due to movement when being transported and must be rearranged before use. They are not designed to control fire direction. 
little red campfire fire accent feature
    • High Temperature Ceramic logs are very lightweight, can sustain high heat and cool rapidly after use. They have a high detail look and shape. They reflect heat efficiently. jackson fire accent feature
    • High Temperature Concrete logs are very heavy for their size, they tend to chip and crack. They have little or no detail in the look and shape. They do not reflect heat they absorb it.ban buster fire accent feature

    Fire Glass

    It comes in many different shapes and sizes, as well as a large selection of colors. Fireglass gives a very unique fire appearance, and will give you the most upscale, contemporary look possible. Always choose a fire glass that is rated for the BTU’s that your new fire pit produces. Low quality glass with a lower temperature rating will melt when subjected to the high heats, and can damage your new fire pit. Always buy a quality product when looking for fire glass!

    glass fire feature campfire in a can in flower pot

    campfire in a can in flower pot


    Lava Rock

    This comes in different sizes and colors, and is very lightweight. However, lava rock tends to create dust when pieces rub together, and can break easily while being transported.

    camp chef fire accent feature


    This is a loose granular naturally occurring substance. Although a great insulator, it is mined at the same place that asbestos is mined, and can contain asbestos fiber and asbestos dust. It should be kept out of the wind, as it will blow around.

    fire dancer fire accent feature


    We’d love to know what sort of fire feature you use in your fire pits at home! Please let us know in the comments what you’re using!


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