Campfire In A Can New Product Launch

Campfire In A Can is going to be launching a new product very soon!

We’re really excited about this new Campfire In A Can product, but in order to get YOU excited about it, we need you to watch the video below, and head on over to to stay on top of all the updates!

campfire in a can new product launch



Leo Knight: Hi, I’m Leo

Nicole Knight: I’m Nicole

Leo Knight: Together, we’re Campfire In A Can, and we’re a family business.

Nicole Knight: We’ve already redesigned the propane campfire, and now, we’ve redesigned the wood burning campfire. By joining our email list, you’ll be notified as soon as our first Kickstarter campaign goes live. This is where you’ll see the new products in detail. There will be some great rewards for being among the first to check it out.

Leo Knight: Can I show them now?

Nicole Knight: Not just yet Dad!

Leo Knight: I guess you’ll just have to sign up to see it first!

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