Great Outdoor Rooms

When we say “Outdoor Rooms”, you might be scratching your head! What in the world is an outdoor room?

An outdoor room is an outdoor living space typically located on a patio or in a backyard or garden. An exterior area transformed into an outdoor room allows you to enjoy the comfort of the indoors while relaxing in nature. The components of an outdoor room are really only limited by your imagination (or budget); they can include living, dining, cooking, and even sleeping spaces.

If you are wanting to start putting together an outdoor room in your space, here are a few key things to consider.

The Right Covering

Choosing the right covering for your outdoor room is one of the more important elements of the construction process. Homeowners typically choose strong, sturdy materials that will not impede the view of natural beauty but will also protect the area in case of weather. Popular choices for outdoor room overhead structures include arbors, awnings, gazebos, and pergolas. Your covering could also be a part of your roof system if this was planned in the design of the home.

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You wouldn’t build a house without a proper foundation, and your outdoor room is no exception. Proper flooring ensures level ground and resistance against water, dirt, and bugs. Wood planks, like the type used in building decks, are common choices for outdoor room flooring, as are stone pavers/bricks. These surfaces can then either be left uncovered or covered with attractive area rugs, which may make the space a bit more homey.

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The Furniture

The furniture that you use in an outdoor room is usually able to withstand moisture and temperature variations. Outdoor-specific styles like wicker, wrought iron, plastic, and wood furniture are the best to use in these conditions. Warmer climates (or climates with less moisture) allow you a bit more freedom when it comes to your furniture choices, and if you find yourself in these areas, you may be able to choose from more traditional indoor-type furniture.

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