Using 1lb Propane Bottles with Campfire In A Can

We often receive the question, “Can I use a 1lb propane bottles on the Campfire In A Can?”.

The answer is YES! With a only a small adapter, you can easily use these 1lb propane bottles that are sold all over the place.

This adapter can be referred to a “steak saver” adapter, which is something that you can buy at a place that sells propane products, or online. It has a coupler to join your propane tank and your Campfire, and it looks like this:

steak saver adapter

These bottles are nice to carry as backups in case you use more propane than you originally anticipated, and are also nice if you want a quick fire here and there, and don’t want the hassle of bringing a 20lb tank.


A few things to keep in mind when using small, 1lb tanks:

The tank will run the Campfire In A Can for approximately 45 minutes at a medium flame height.

The air space in a 20 lb tank is much larger than the air space in a 1 lb tank. As the propane changes states, it produces a temperature change that is very cold. This is why you see frost form on the outside of the propane tank sometimes. The more frost that forms on the outside of the tank, the slower the liquid changes to a gas. On a small tank, the tank will get very cold on the outside, and the propane gas will start to flow more slowly (and will reduce the amount of propane going to the Campfire, reducing the flame height). The best thing to do is to change the tank out and put a new one on – take a few small 1 lb tanks and rotate them accordingly.

When the propane flow slows down, this does not necessarily mean that you are out of propane, it may just mean that the propane has cooled enough to restrict flow.

We’ve put together a really handy how-to for using a 1lb propane bottle, and you can read it by clicking right here.

1lb propane tank and adapter

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