Fun Ways to Use Campfire In A Can

There are many fun ways to use Campfire In A Can!

Many of our customers have used their Campfires in beautiful fire features, giving their backyard space an easy upgrade, and some of our customers have gone ahead and used their Campfires in some VERY unique ways!

Lets share with you some of the neat and creative ways our customers have chosen to use their Campfire!


In a ventilated teepee:

Tom K sent us this photo of them using the Campfire inside a ventilated teepee – He says, “Hi I just used my new Campfire In A Can and it was fantastic! It works so slick for in the tepee! Everyone loves it. Lots of heat and no smoke.. Thanks again!”

campfire in a can inside teepee

Here’s the teepee from the outside! Looks cozy!!

campfire in a can inside teepee

On A Pontoon Boat:

Larry and his family sent us lots of photos of them using the Campfire In A Can inside their pontoon boat. What a great way to stay warm while out on the water!

campfire in a can pontoon


At the Beach:

The beach is a great place to use your Campfire In A Can, as demonstrated by this big group. With the cooler temperatures near the water, it is a great way to warm up after a long day of boating!

campfire in a can beach


Custom Surrounds and Projects for the Backyard:

Kevin shares this photo and says,  “In our neighborhood we cannot place a permanent fire pit, even gas fired, within 40’ from the house, therefore I now have my portable one. Thanks for your help!”

campfire in a can in old wood surround

Howard in Seattle, WA set his Campfire In A Can in this lovely garden pot, topped with fire glass. He designed this deck to have the propane lines all hidden.

campfire in a can in flower pot

Here’s another great example of a custom surround for a Campfire In A Can. This one is done using a flat, stackable stone.

campfire in a can in stacked rock surround


An “Olympic Torch”:

Titus sent us this great photo from their Day Camp. He says, “We have a ceremonial lighting of the “Olympic torch” each day!”. Such a great way to get everyone excited for all the festivities happening at camp each day!

campfire olympic torch


A Volcano:

Yes. We saved the best for last! One of our Campfire owners created this AWESOME working volcano!



campfire volcano at night

campfire volcano daytime

Did you do something fabulous or crazy with your Campfire In A Can? Let us know about it in the comments, or send us an email with your story and a photo (or two) and we’ll share it on our blog/website and on our Facebook page as well!


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