Using a Campfire In A Can During a Fire Ban

If you live or plan on travelling to an area that experiences fire bans or restrictions, you may wonder what alternatives that might be available instead of the traditional wood fire we all are used to while camping.

The great news, is that during many of these bans, portable propane campfire appliances are allowed and are an easy way to get the campfire experience without the worry.

Most fire bans and restrictions will require the portable campfire to follow some strict guidelines including (but not limited to), being CSA and/or ULC approved, burns a liquid fuel source, and is able to have the flame height adjusted to meet the ban requirements.

Campfire In A Can has been rigorously tested to meet all North American standards by an accredited CSA standards testing agency,  OMNI Test Laboratories, and meet or exceed all CSA standards for use in USA & Canada. Additionally, the propane fuel source and fully adjustable flame height makes it a great alternative when burning wood simply isn’t a safe option.

group sitting around campfire in a can

As with any restriction, please consult a forestry official or local authorities in the area you will be travelling to before burning anything. Bans can often change quickly based on conditions so it is always best to ask questions, and have confirmation that a portable campfire is suitable for use at that time.

For the most up to date information on a burn ban or restriction in your area, please visit your local forestry management website or contact them by phone.

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