Adding Fire Glass to Campfire In A Can

My Campfire In A Can didn’t come with Fire Glass, can I add Fire Glass?

You might have seen lots of photos recently of Campfire In A Can customers using fire glass instead of logs in their Campfire. In fact, for many of our customers, the idea of camping doesn’t really thrill them, but the idea of a kicking back and relaxing in the backyard is exactly what hits the spot for them.

For the backyard enthusiast, using fire glass instead of the provided log set can really give their fire feature the upscale look they are craving – without the sticker shock that you often see when looking for an outdoor fire pit or feature.


campfire in a can in flower pot

Now, our most recent model Campfire In A Can includes fire glass, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use fire glass in your Campfire In A Can that didn’t come with glass included! It is very easy to add fire glass to your Campfire In A Can.. the only hard part is deciding what color and style of glass you prefer.

The most important thing to remember, you can’t simply use any glass beads or chunky glass. The Campfire will put out 64,000 BTU so the glass you use must be of a HIGH QUALITY and designed to be subjected to these high temperatures. Beyond that, we recommend using either 1/2 inch Reflective Fire Glass (looks like large chunks of broken glass) or 1/2 inch Fire Glass Beads (smooth round shape). Both types will allow good propane flow through the glass which will create a great looking fire.


How much will I need?

This depends on the style of glass that you wish to use!

1/2 inch Reflective Fire Glass – you will need approximately 7.5 lb.
1/2 inch Fire Glass Beads – you will need approximately 9 lb.

campfire in a can in flower pot


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