S’mores: Classic to Gourmet

There really isn’t anything quite like S’mores!

That yummy, gooey, melty, and totally unique combination of crispy graham crackers, luscious warm chocolate, and sticky, toasted marshmallows. If you want to take your S’mores up a notch, look no further!


The Classic Equation

One campfire + one marshmallow + one graham cracker + one piece of chocolate = One happy camper.

A Delectable Twist

Use peanut butter cups instead of plain chocolate.

For the gourmet chef

Home-made graham crackers and marshmallows!


Until I found these recipes, I would have said marshmallows and graham crackers fall into that “mystery food” category of things that you never make yourself. Kind of like hot dogs.

But if you love those gooey sugary blobs of white stuff and those sweet crunchy cookies, and you have time on your hands and the right ingredients, here is Cindy Pawclyn’s recipe, found on the Sunset website.


Looking for some “S’more” inspiration?

Check out our Pinterest Board all about S’mores! Here’s a sample:



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