Build an Affordable DIY Outdoor Fireplace

A backyard patio fireplace is a great addition to your garden’s ambiance. A warm fire, a sky full of stars overhead and the company of family and friends are a guaranteed recipe for great experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. But for the urban dweller, there can be municipal restrictions on wood fires. In addition, the cost of building an outdoor fireplace is often sky-high.

One clever idea for the intrepid do-it-yourselfer is to re-purpose a portable propane campfire for backyard patio use. Portable propane campfires are an inexpensive camping gear staple that is readily available on Amazon, through outdoor equipment stores, and online. Popular with campers and RVers, portable firepits can be used in small campsites and in areas where there are fire bans.

Convenient, easy-to-use and forest-friendly, a portable propane campfire can be integrated into your garden design and made into an outdoor fireplace, fire bowl, or fire table that fits into your own unique backyard style. Simply select the container of your choice, and follow the easy instructions in this video hosted by Campfire In a Can, an industry-leading seller of top-quality portable propane campfires.

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Howard G. from Seattle sent us these great shots of them on their deck enjoying their Campfire In A Can that they built into a flower pot, and replaced the log set with a fire glass feature.

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