Leave Nothing But Footprints, Leave No Trace

Take Nothing But Pictures, Leave Nothing But Footprints

Campers and RVers are passionate about the great outdoors. That passion for the environment involves finding new ways to keep the wilderness pristine and beautiful for future generations to enjoy.

The Leave No Trace movement has seven simple principles that can guide no-trace, forest-friendly camping (http://lnt.org). Some of the principles are basic courtesy; others involve finding the right camping and outdoor gear to help you leave no signs of your stay.

For those outdoors folks who can’t imagine a camping trip without a blazing campfire, portable propane campfires and stoves are a great option. Check out the products available at this helpful website: http://www.campfirecompare.com.

Portable propane campfires and stoves lessen fire danger and can be used during fire bans. They are also forest-friendly because they use no wood, which is an important consideration in areas where sources of firewood cannot keep pace with demand. You won’t need to worry ever again about whether firewood will be available at your selected campsite. They are also easy to use and operate in almost any kind of weather.

Leave No Trace

  1. Be prepared for no trace camping by planning ahead and taking the necessary equipment with you.
  2. Stay on the trail by using only existing trail networks and camping sites. Erosion caused by going off trail degrades the environment.
  3. Pack it in. Pack it out. Always dispose of waste properly, if possible by taking it out with you when you leave.
  4. Leave any natural, archaeological or cultural artifacts and sites undisturbed so that other people can find and enjoy them.
  5. Don’t light a campfire – use a portable propane campfire / stove. This helps preserve our forests and eliminates the chance of starting a wildfire.
  6. Respect the wildlife. Never feed them. Observe from a distance. Keep your pets on leash.
  7. Keep other visitors in mind. Leave no trace! Help others have the same great wilderness experience you had.

Happy Camping!


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