We’ve seen our first samples!

Oh, the exciting world that is manufacturing!

Do you want the good news about the Campfire In A Can Kickstarter or the bad news first?

Well, the good news is that we received our first production samples of the new Campfires last week.

The bad news: There is still a bit of work that needs to happen on them before we can ramp up and move ahead with manufacturing.

While that isn’t terrible news, it wasn’t the news that we (or you) wanted. It is however, a completely normal part of the overall manufacturing process – especially when creating a brand new product.

Samples are just that: samples. They aren’t meant to be perfect.. although it would have been great if they were! The second samples are currently being worked on, and we have a great feeling about those!

It’s at this point that we need to do all of our tweaking and finishing touches to make sure that we deliver all of you the best possible product that we can.

Since we’re still reviewing samples, we most likely will see a slightly later delivery period on the Campfires. We were aiming to receive the Campfires in Early June, but it is now feeling like it would be more towards mid-to-late June instead.

We know that you all want a quality product that is built right, and will last you a lifetime, and that’s what we’re doing. You shouldn’t have a product that you’re disappointed in the quality of, so we’re going to take the extra bit of time necessary to get it right. We hope that you understand!

Until next time,

The Campfire In A Can Team


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