Campfire In A Can Kickstarter – Late product delivery!

Late product delivery with our Campfire In A Can Kickstarter.

I am sure that is in the front of everyone’s mind, it sure is in the front of mine. As an inventor and entrepreneur I should be used to running into unforeseen problems and disappointment – not the case.

With Kickstarter, bringing your ideas and product to life brings with it a new pressure I have never experienced. Having hundreds of people emotionally and financially involved in your dream. Like us, you are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the new product.

Well life has gotten in the way of our originally scheduled delivery date. The manufacturers we were working with have missed promised delivery dates, quality control issues were ignored, samples we received were not up to our standards, I could go on and on.

We have already put new manufacturing in place and have implemented tighter controls and procedures.

Our goal has not changed! Produce a quality product as promised, one that as the inventor, I can be proud of, but most importantly that you our backers receive a quality product you areproud to own, a product you can be proud to use and enjoy for a lifetime.

Sadly, at this time we cannot give you a new delivery date. We will continue to keep you informed and let you know what the revised delivery date is as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience with us.

We have always believed that our customers should be able to communicate with us directly. Once again here are my direct phone numbers you can reach me (Leo) at.

Toll Free 1-888-768-7737 ext.103  Cell 250-859-8094 Pacific Standard Time.

I am a bit old school and prefer to speak to people on the phone; I am not as good with email responses.

Thank you,

Leo Knight – Inventor

Nicole Knight – President

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