Good news… phase one has begun (again)!

Hello all you wonderful backers and pre-order customers!

First off, thank you for your patience. As you know, we had a setback when the original manufacturer we planned to use provided samples that didn't meet our level of satisfaction. The factory refused to change them to suit our standards so we decided to end our relationship with them. It was a difficult decision to make because it meant a significant delay in our shipping plans but we felt it was the right one.

Although we hated the idea of disappointing you all, we'd rather wait longer to get something that matches the level of quality we expect rather than send you out camping with something we considered inferior. We want you to have a lifetime of happy camping memories with your Campfire In A Can and changing manufacturers is what we felt we had to do to make that happen.

But enough focusing on the past, it's time for the good news. We're happy to announce that we are moving forward with the new factory! They've been given the go ahead to start the tooling, which is the first phase of the manufacturing process and an important step in getting our new samples made. We can't wait to see them! It will take the factory about two months to complete all the tooling. After the tooling is complete, they will make out first samples. We are expecting to receive the first samples sometime late October.

In other news, we have a new website! Head over to to learn a bit more about our company and the different products we carry. And make sure you check out our Backyard Ideas section to find some inspiring ideas on what you can do with your Campfire In A Can!

As far as updates go, this one might not have been the most exciting but we sure are glad we got to post it. We can't apologize enough for the delays but trust us, it'll all be worth it in the end. Thank you again for your continued patience and support as we work to create the best portable campfire in the world.

Best regards,

Leo, Nicole, & Nicole

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