Cozy Campfire Recipes To Try This Fall

Without a doubt, Fall is my favorite time of year to camp. I simply love sitting around the campfire, cozy in a warm blanket - but that can be a little difficult to do when the heat of the summer still has a good grip on things. But as the thermometer starts to drop, we start planning as many camping trips as we can get in before the snow starts to fly.

Of course, once it gets a little cooler, you might be reluctant to leave the warm comfort of your sleeping bag in the morning or the toasty glow of the fire at night, but a warm and hearty meal is sure to turn even the coolest days at the campsite into ones you'll thoroughly enjoy. Here are some hot meals that are easy to make over a campfire and are sure to warm (and fill!) your bellies.

1. Sweet Potato Hash with Sausage & Eggs

Sweet Potato Hash



2. Campfire Chili in a Dutch Oven

campfire chili



3. Dutch Oven Lasagna

 Dutch Oven Lasagna



4. Spiced Grilled Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes



5. Cheesy Dutch Oven Potatoes

Cheesy Potatoes



6. Pumpkin Cornbread

Pumpkin Cornbread



7. Campfire Baked Apples

Campfire Baked Apples



8. Spiced Oatmeal

Spiced Oatmeal



9. Campfire Apple Pies

Campfire Apple Pies



10. Veggies and Dumplings

 Veggies and Dumplings


Have a camping recipe you only break out in the Autumn? Share it with us below so we can try it out!

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