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From Leo's initial design to the various portable campfire options we offer today, it was our passion for camping and being outdoors that led to the creation of Campfire In A Can. So I guess you could say that, right from day one, this company has always been ALL about the love.

We love building the best portable campfires on the market. We love knowing how much people enjoy using our campfires when they're camping. And we especially love when those happy campers share their love for Campfire In A Can with us!

Below you'll find a collection of emails, letters, and photos we've received from customers who love our products. We've even got some video reviews too!

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A fan for life!

Hello! Although I don't own a CIAC unit yet, I will before next summer. But I wanted to write and tell you why I am a fan before I'm a customer. My husband and I recently went camping on the Washington Coast with a friend who owns a CIAC propane unit. It completely saved the trip! I mean really, what's camping if you can't have a camp fire!?!? There happens to be a burn ban in effect except for propane stoves and fire pits. Valerie's CIAC got used every morning and every night. In the morning it took the chill off for whoever was up and in the evenings it served as the local gathering and socializing area. We were the only people in the entire park to have a fire. It kept us warm, roasted our marshmallows and provided plenty of late night social ambiance. So portable and completely easy to use. My husband and I became believers! But during the trip we noticed a small issue with it's function so Valerie contacted the company and reached the owner and got immediate troubleshooting assistance. Amazing! So, after this CIAC experience my husband and I have decided that we must have one before next summer's camping season. We are also envisioning other ways we can use this unit at home in our back yard. Thank you for such a great product but thank you even more for the outstanding customer support which we value equally as much. Happy camping, - Lisa Boulanger August 12, 2015


I love my campfire in a can!

campfire in a can customer reviewI just want to tell everyone about the coolest Father's Day present I received this year. It's Campfire in a can. I've used it while camping at 8,000 feet and in my back yard at sea level. It worked flawlessly connected to my 20 lb bulk propane tanks as well as a 1 lb disposable tank. You should be prepared for lots of company when your camping neighbors see that you have a campfire when campfires have been banned due to fire danger. The ranger said that our campfire in a can was not a problem. He even asked where I bought it. Here's a link that will tell you all about it. - Ken McCall August 6, 2015


Outstanding customer service

When I received this and hooked it up there was a small leak in the propane hose connection. I e-mailed the address provided on the Campfire In a Can website and within an hour the owner/inventor, Leo Knight, called me. He offered to send me a new hose assembly or replace the unit completely. I opted to try a new hose and it works great. This thing is amazing and I highly recommend it for anyone, camper or otherwise, that wants a quality built portable propane campfire with outstanding customer service. - John Dowell April 8, 2013

Nice & Toasty!

campfire in a can inside awning from outsidecampfire in a can inside awning from insideBack in Feb, I went to the Oregon Coast to join a bunch of VW Camping Van folks. On this particular morning it was around 34F outside. Inside my awing is was 55-60F. People were amazed. Very easy to adjust flame/heat so as not to damage the very top of the awning, but keep it nice & toasty inside. Not concerned about carbon monoxide as there was lots of natural air flow from under the van and along the sides. Love this thing! - Larry Siegle, March 13, 2014


You Have Been a Great Help!

campfire in a can used inside metal fire enclosurePerfect size for our fireplace application. We plan to roll up the hose and pack the unit away each season before our heavy snow season. Is it possible to purchase another lid if I need it? The DIY store in South Lake Tahoe Ca. was interested in your product and had many questions. You might want to send information their way! Many True Value Hardware stores as well. Hope you enjoy the pictures. You have been a great help with our project! Thanks again - Robin Clayton, Aug. 11, 2011


Sooooo Happy with my Campfire In A Can

man playing banjo next to burning campfire in a canWhoooo hoooooo! The mail lady delivered a big box yesterday afternoon and it contained my "Campfire In A Can". Now we can jam outdoors on the deck and keep warm around the "adjustable" propane fire and there is no smoke to get in Marlene's eyes. We'll jam around a low fire all night. Well I'm SOOOOOOO happy with my "campfire in a can" that I just had to give Leo a call and let him know. - Ralph Gray, November, 17 2010


Love My Campfire In A Can!

campfire in a can thank you noteDear Leo, I absolutely love my Campfire In A Can! This morning I was having some trouble breathing, so I grabbed a coffee, went outside, fed the birds and lit 'the flame'. My breathing improved with the fresh air while I kept warm by the 'fire'. Does life get any better than that? Perhaps, but right now, in my world, NO it doesn't. Leo, thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. - Jan, October 7, 2014

Thanks Again For Such A Great Product!

2 men sitting in chairs next to rv camper with campfire in a can burningThe "Gas Can" by Campfire in a Can is a fantastic product. I must say, I'm a bit embarrassed to admit how much I enjoy this product. I was born and raised in the north woods of Michigan and have spent my life surrounded by real wood campfires and wood burning fireplaces. To think that I would actually spend money for a "fake" campfire is something that I would never have imagined.

After years of camping / rving, it seems that having a wood burning campfire was becoming more of a hassle and more expensive. Especially with the arrival of the emerald ash borer, it has become more difficult or impossible to bring along all the necessary firewood. You can't count on campgrounds to have a handy supply of natural firewood, and when they do it is usually quite expensive. For convenience sake, I've even tried the manufactured "wax" fire logs. Nothing takes away the spirit of outdoor camping faster than the smell of burning wax.

So after a lot of thought I decided to take the plunge and go for one of those gas fired campfires. After much internet research, I concluded that the "Gas Can" by Campfire In A Can was probably the best portable gas campfire out there. However, the price seemed quite high and so I decided to buy the "Little Red Campfire" instead. From the specs and descriptions on the web, both campfires seemed the same except the "Gas Can" was a little bit bigger and had a longer LP hose. The "Little Red Campfire" cost nearly $100 less than the "Gas Can" so I drove over to the local Camping World store and made my purchase.

The first thing I noticed when firing up the "Little Red Campfire" was that it sounded like a blast furnace. Even setting the flame very low did not diminish the "hiss" to an acceptable level and the sound was very loud at any level you would normally set the flame to. Not only was the noise terrible, but the artificial logs are separate pieces, and it was unclear what the proper layout of them should be. After about 10 minutes of listening to the "hiss" I packed up the product for return to Camping World.

The next day I called Campfire In A Can and spoke to Leo (I believe he is the inventor and President.). I told him my problems with the "Little Red Campfire" and he assured me that his product was silent, and that it used a one-piece log set which was a no-brainer to install and use. Also, the "Gas Can" included a fry pan grate so it could be used for cooking as well.

As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for". I bought the "Gas Can" and promptly left on a 3-week camping trip through the Colorado mountains, Arizona and New Mexico. I just arrived home from the trip a couple of days ago and couldn't wait to report on the "Gas Can".

As Leo assured me, his product was silent. It also has an adjustment for the gas/air mixture for high altitude. The product worked GREAT. We used the campfire nearly every night. It was really handy on the cold mountain nights keeping us warm while enjoying the outdoors, and when camping in the 100 degree heat of the Arizona desert, we were still able to enjoy the fire by just moving it a little further away from where we were sitting and turning down the flame a bit. The one piece log set and ceramic bark chips looked great for a "fake" fire. You can place the campfire directly on the ground or as we most often did, place it on top of the cover which elevates it to a convenient height. The "Little Red Campfire" looks similar but the cover handle protrudes above the cover top and so will not allow you to put the campfire on top.

It was really handy having a fire when we wanted it and not when we wanted it. How nice when going to bed to simply turn off the valve and the fire is instantly extinguished. No need to drown the fire with sand or water (which always seems to be in short supply on a camping trip). I also can't describe the pleasure of avoiding all the smoke. It always seems like no matter which way the wind is blowing, it will eventually shift and blow all the campfire smoke directly in your face. In fact, at one camping spot, there was lots of fire wood around and so we thought, "great, let's have a "real" campfire tonight". We did, and fought smoke and ash in our faces the entire night.

Most campgrounds allowed campfires only in the designated campfire ring and several campgrounds had a ban on campfires. It seemed that nearly all the campfire rings were not located conveniently for how we set the camp up but this was no problem for the "Gas Can". We simply placed the campfire in a spot that was most convenient for us . . . even placing it between us, under our rv awing, to provide extra warmth on an especially cold mountain evening. At one campground with a campfire ban in effect, the park ranger was making his rounds when he stopped by to check out our "Gas Can". He thought it was a great product and said the ban only included fires burning on the actual ground.

I just can't say enough great things about the "Gas Can". If you're thinking about buying one of these "fake" campfires, the "Gas Can" is for you. Please don't be tempted by the lower priced "Little Red Campfire". 

To summarize, I'll compare the two products.

Noise:"Gas Can" is silent (enjoy the sounds of nature).
"Little Red Campfire" sounds like a blast furnace.

Log Set: "Gas Can" is one piece. Will not jostle around/apart while traveling. Simple to set up.
"Little Red Campfire" is made up of multiple logs. Confusing to set up and jostles around/apart while traveling.

Air Mixture Adjustment: "Gas Can" has this.
"Little Red Campfire" does not.

Cover Design:"Gas Can" cover has a recessed handle and indentations so the campfire can be placed on top and securely positioned.
"Little Red Campfire" has a round "bulbous" handle protruding out on top so it does not allow you to place the campfire on top. (You could place it on top but it will be very unstable.)

Size:"Gas Can" is larger (14.75" dia). You will definitely want the larger size.
"Little Red Campfire" is smaller (12.5" dia).

Hose Length:"Gas Can" hose is 10' long. The longer the better for more flexibility locating the LP tank.
"Little Red Campfire" is 8' long.

Cooking Grate: "Gas Can" includes a cooking grate.
"Little Red Campfire" does not include or manufacture a cooking grate.

Leo, thanks again for such a great product!

Brett W.
Michigan October, 2008

Great company to do business with, thanks again.


Love My Campfire In A Can

couple under blanket with campfire in a can burning in foregroundHey there, Here's a pictures of me and my campfire in a can. I received it as a birthday gift from my brother. My friend and I brought it to the beach and had the best bottle of wine! I Love my Campfire in a can! - Allan Saulnier, September 2008

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