2-In-1 Wood & Charcoal


Everyone loves a classic and it doesn't get much more classic than Campfire In A Can's 2-In-1 campfire. Crackling logs, stoking the fire, the sweet smell of smoke hanging in the chill of the evening… this wood and charcoal burning model is your chance to relive the traditional camping experience. Light, sturdy, and built to last, our most economical version of Campfire In A Can hearkens back to a day when camping was simply about getting away from it all, not bringing it all with you.

    • Use 2 Fuel Types: Burns Wood or Charcoal all in the same campfire
    • Compact Design: Easily transported at Dia.15" x H 13"
    • Aluminum canister top protects and stores all campfire parts
    • Included Charcoal Insert moves charcoal to the optimal position for cooking your favorite foods. Once done cooking, tongs make it simple to drop the charcoal to the bottom of the campfire to ignite wood.
    • Stand Included raises campfire off the ground, putting you in compliance when you are required to have a "raised fire pit"
    • Removable cooking grate: perfect for the coffee pot, skillet or grilling up your favorite foods
    • Campfire Tongs enable you to easily move logs or charcoal around
    • Collapsible Carry Handle folds flat for easy storage
    • 100% Happy Camper Guarantee
    • Shipping Weight: 21 lbs
    • Product Weight: 18.1 lbs
    • Shipping Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 14"
    • Pre-ordering our 2-In-1 Campfire saves you $25 bucks off the full retail price! Our most affordable model becomes an even better deal this way!
    • Campers are pretty stoked about this thing and it's selling out fast!
    • Everything we sell is covered by our no risk, 100% Happy Camper Guarantee. If you change your mind and don't want your Campfire In A Can, we're happy to give you a full refund.
    • We had a pretty amazing Kickstarter campaign to fund our 2-In-1 Campfire. Once we receive your pre-order, we'll send you email updates on the manufacturing process but you can also visit our Kickstarter page and follow our progress there as well.

Why It's Amazing

No More "Honey, where's the [blank]?"!

Nothing's worse than getting to your campsite only to discover you've forgotten a vital piece to something back at home. With Campfire In A Can, that's pretty much impossible to do thanks to its self contained design! Everything is housed right inside the canister so there's no chance of losing a piece in the garage or shed. Plus, it seals up tight so nothing can slip out while you're on the road!

Fantastic Fuel Options

We all like choices. That's why grocery stores have more than just chicken soup in the soup aisle. And with your Campfire In A Can 2-In-1's ability to burn wood, charcoal, or MFG fire logs, you've got a pretty sweet set of options! Does the campfire supply firewood? Great! Get the kindling! Wood prices too rich for your blood? Use that charcoal you got a great deal on instead! Talk about versatility!

Use It Everywhere!

Did you know that our design is actually considered a contained fire? Most campsites and beaches restrict open, uncontained fires but you'll always be good to go with Campfire In A Can! "Yeah, but the campsite rules say that only raised fire pits are allowed." Well then, it's a good thing we included a handy stand then, isn't it? Sometimes we're so clever we amaze ourselves.

Extinguish A Fire In Seconds

extinguishing the campfire in a can

It's a scientific fact that a fire needs air to burn. It's also scientific fact that with Campfire In A Can, you can put your fire out in mere seconds! When you're ready to call it a night, just use the canister lid to cut off the supply of air and snuff your fire out instantly. What's even cooler is that, with a proper seal, there's no smoke at all and embers and ash can't blow around!

Cuisine a la Campfire

cooking on the campfire in a can

Our version of the Paleo Diet means you cook everything over a campfire, the same way cavemen did. That said, not everything can be cooked with a stick (believe me, we've tried!) and that's why we include a sturdy cooking grill capable of holding a Dutch Oven or heavy skillet. Forget five star restaurants... we'll take campfire cuisine under a starry sky any day of the week!

The Campfire In A Can 2-In-1 Design vs Traditional Wood Burner Campfire Designs

Our design didn't just come about from thousands of hours spent around a campfire. No, there's a science to it too. The Campfire In A Can 2-In-1 looks different from other wood burning campfires because it is different. The unique shape, size, and design we chose allows all the elements needed for a great fire to come together in perfect balance.

how campfire in a can compares to wood fires

Heat Distribution / Fire Visibility

Alright, time to get science-y on you. You'll notice the Campfire In A Can 2-In-1 burns wood in an upright position. This design allows for a more efficient transfer of heat from the fire into the burner walls. This, in turn, radiates warmth out towards you! Plus, everyone around the fire also gets to enjoy direct heat from the flames through the burner's air intake holes. Yep, those holes don't just look cool, they serve a purpose too! Heat comes out of them to keep you warm while air goes in them to feed the fire. Pretty neat, hey? Our design radiates a lot of heat to the sides to keep you toasty while creating a large, hot flame at the top of the burner that's perfect to cook on or gaze at while daydreaming.

Fuel Positioning

And here's some more science. By burning wood upright, the amount of surface area that burns is actually increased. It's a far more efficient way to burn wood (as opposed to laying it flat) because not only does it maximize the intensity of heat the fire puts out, it's also far less wasteful. Our design burns everything so at the end of the night, there's no charcoal or big chunks of wood left in the bottom of the pit. With the Campfire In A Can 2-In-1, there's nothing but ash left behind.

Draft / Airflow

LAST bit of science, we promise. Think of a campfire as a cycle. We all know hot air rises away from the fire but, while it escapes, fresh air is drawn in from below to keep combustion going. To create a perfect campfire, you have to accelerate the outflow of hot air while maximizing the inflow of fresh combustive air around the fuel. You might be asking, "So what do I have to do to make this happen?" Nothing! The design of the Campfire In A Can 2-In-1 creates this balance perfectly on its own. All you have to do is keep adding logs and try not to eat too many s'mores.

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