3-in-1 Propane, Wood & Charcoal


When the Boy Scouts came up with their “Always be prepared” motto, they must have been thinking about the Campfire In A Can 3-In-1! Capable of burning wood, charcoal, and propane, this is the most versatile portable campfire on the market. Camping where wood is plentiful? Let's get chopping! Found a great deal on bags of charcoal briquettes? Toss ‘em in and fire it up! Fire ban time? Pop in the propane insert and carry on as usual. No matter what the situation, you'll always be ready for a roaring campfire.

    • Uses 3 Fuel Types: Burns Propane, Wood or Charcoal all in the same campfire
    • Compact design: Easily transported at Dia.15" x H 13"
    • Aluminum canister top protects and stores all campfire parts
    • Included Charcoal Insert moves charcoal to the optimal position for cooking your favorite foods. Once done cooking, tongs make it simple to drop the charcoal to the bottom of the campfire to ignite wood.
    • Stand Included raises campfire off the ground, putting you in compliance when you are required to have a "raised fire pit"
    • Removable cooking grate, perfect for the coffee pot, skillet or grilling up your favorite foods
    • Campfire Tongs enable you to easily move logs or charcoal around
    • Collapsible carry handle folds flat for easy storage
    • Propane Insert Is Fire Ban Approved, have a fire even when restrictions are in place!
    • OMNI Certified to CSA standards USA/Canada
    • 100% Happy Camper Guarantee
    • Product Weight: 25.6 lbs 
    • Shipping Weight: 28 lbs 
    • Shipping Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 14"
    • By pre-ordering, you save $50 off the retail cost of our 3-In-1 Campfire. That's a pretty impressive deal for the most versatile and innovative portable campfire in the world!
    • Our first production run is selling out fast... people are really excited about these things!
    • Your pre-order is covered by our no risk, 100% Happy Camper Guarantee. If you decide you don't want your Campfire In A Can, let us know and we'll give you a full refund.
    • Our 3-In-1 Campfire was funded through a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign. Once you pre-order, we'll send you email updates on the manufacturing process but you can also follow our progress on our Kickstarter page.

Why It's Amazing

Everything Is In The Can

We’ve designed the Campfire In A Can to house everything right inside the canister. No more hunting around for little parts and pieces...just grab it and go! It’s as simple as that. Our design makes it easy to keep everything together and makes storage, whether on the road or at home, a snap.

Multiple Fuel Options

Having the option to burn wood, charcoal, or propane gives the Campfire In A Can an incredible level of versatility. Is your campsite’s fire pit in a bad spot? No problem! Set up the Campfire In A Can wherever you want and enjoy a crackling wood fire! Feel like grilling up some hot dogs at the beach? Add some charcoal, snap on the cooking grill and fire away! Sudden fire bans are no longer an issue either. Just pop in the propane kit and, while everyone else sits in the dark, you’ll be the envy of the campground as you enjoy a blazing propane fire!

Take It Anywhere!

Many campsites and beaches have restrictions on open, uncontained fires and require you to use raised fire pits. Well, Campfire In A Can solves that too! Our design is actually classified as a contained fire. Plus, if you use the supplied stand to elevate it off the ground, you’ll also be in compliance with the raised fire pits only rule. We thought of everything!

Extinguishing The Fire Is A Snap

extinguishing the campfire in a can

The unique canister and base design allows a wood fire to be quickly and safely extinguished. Simply place the canister over top of the base and snap it down to seal the embers off from oxygen. No air = no fire. Your fire is out, no smoke or debris can blow around, and the remains are safely contained inside the canister until you’re ready to dispose of them. Extinguishing a propane fire is even easier. Just turn it off and the fire goes out instantly. Once cool, your Campfire In A Can is easily stored, leaving no trace of a fire behind.

Let's Get Cooking

cooking on the campfire in a can

Anyone can be a campsite chef with the Campfire In A Can! No matter what fuel you’re using, it’s easy to go from campfire to cooking and back again. The supplied cooking grill is easy to clean and is sturdy enough to handle a Dutch oven or a heavy skillet. Start your day off with some bacon and eggs, grill some burgers or shish kebobs, or fry up the catch of the day...nothing beats campfire cooking in the great outdoors.


Here’s where science meets style. The unique shape, size, and design of the Campfire In A Can allows all the elements needed for a great fire to come together in perfect balance.

campfire in a can compared to wood fires

Heat Distribution / Fire Visibility

We designed Campfire In A Can to burn solid fuel in an upright position. This way, heat from the fire transfers to the burner walls more efficiently. This allows heat to radiate out towards you more effectively. In addition, direct heat from the fire flows out through the air intake holes along the sides of the burner. This design projects a lot of heat from the sides to keep everyone around the fire nice and warm. It also produces a large, hot flame pattern at the top of the burner.

Fuel Positioning

An upright fuel position actually increases the amount of surface area that catches fire. This is the most efficient way to burn wood as it maximizes the amount of heat put out by the fire. In a traditional campfire where logs are placed horizontally, you end up with large pieces of charcoal and sections of wood that don’t burn fully. Our design burns the wood completely, leaving nothing behind but ash.

Draft / Airflow

As hot air rises away from a campfire, fresh air is drawn in from below to aid in combustion. The trick to a great fire is accelerating the outflow of hot air while maximizing the inflow of fresh combustive air around the fuel. Sound confusing? Don’t worry. Our burner design accomplishes this balance perfectly. All you have to worry about is not burning the marshmallows.

Propane Kit

With the propane kit, you can easily convert between wood and propane, giving you an added level of convenience no other portable fire can offer. It’s incredibly easy to insert the propane kit. It takes less than a minute to set up and you don’t even need tools! We’ve designed it to simulate the randomness of a wood fire. You might not get the crackle and woodsy smell but you’ll still get a nice tall flame!

Our propane kit features an adjustable shut off valve that gives you easy control of your desired fire size all the way up to 60,000 BTU’s! You have to admit, that’s pretty warm. As an added bonus, we include a package of lava rock as a fire feature. Adding this into the burner when you’re using the propane kit disperses the gas and gives the flame a realistic, flickering effect that is fire ban approved, allowing you to enjoy a fire anytime, anywhere.

campfire in a can propane kit



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